Nibiru Lores: Pilgrims of the Core

Nibiru Lore: Pilgrims of the Core

Consider life on earth; we are born amidst green pastures, beneath a blue sky, surrounded by life of all shapes and qualities.
Yet in Nibiru, humans are raised within the confines of a steel prison. Fields of rusty metal, oily swamps and the noise of engines, all lit by glass lights —it all makes up for a distorted notion of what's natural and what's artificial.

On a long forgotten day the Pilgrims of the Core gathered, as they marveled at the sight of Nibiru's wonders, under the simple thought that they were destined to be part of something bigger. They believe that all that's pure in the world is what's made out of metal, the very stuff that holds existence together. Together, they founded the Church of Rust and praised the Core; that mystifying force that powers the world. The first Pilgrims to travel to the Core did it mainly to search for answers and, although not a single one of them returned, their adventure soon became legend; to the eyes of the rest of the Order, the First Pilgrimage had been a journey of transformation; a way to transcend and become one with the Core. Soon, the Pilgrimage became a tradition. Every 12 cycles (three years) a convoy of Pilgrims would embark on this journey, passing through villages and cities, gathering the faithful to embark on the ultimate journey.

With time, the Pilgrims of the Core developed their two branches; the Mentis and the Corpus. The first, dedicated to spread the word and establish footholds in every settlement, to facilitate the passage of Pilgrims through the different sectors of the station. The second, focused on a strange procedure known as the Red Rite, aimed at replacing the body of the faithful with machinery —a new, alternative way of feeling closer to the Core.

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