Nibiru Lore: The Church of Rust

The Church of Rust has served as home to the Harbinger for many, many years.
This sleeping god of machines, which embodies many of the mysteries of Nibiru, is highly revered
by the Pilgrims that live in the church.

The Pilgrims hold a permanently stationed, hundred-man-strong force of artificers and priests that
partake in the Rites of Maintenance. These rites start on every third Cycle, and usually kick off
with a big procession through the central avenue of the City of Lights.
For the next 13 days, this small army will mount a huge operative to
clean and polish the Harbinger. Envoys from other cities will come and artists
will stand around to paint and produce the most amazing pieces, thoroughly inspired
by the mesmerizing vision of Nibiru's brood. Philosophers and technicians will sit below
the Harbinger's shadow to discuss the hows and whys of such wondrous design,
yet the giant will always remain there.
Undisturbed. Unassailable. Indomitable.


Unless you want it otherwise...

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