Nibiru Lore: Enki's Covenant

Although most people regard the existence of Vagabonds as a myth, there is a group of individuals who not only knows about them but actively tries to find them. Enki's Covenant is an organisation that has thrived thanks to the exploration of Nibiru's farthest corners, and they dedicate themselves to search for hidden knowledge in every part of the station. Although the Covenant concerns itself with a myriad of different matters (such as the development of new technologies and how to use them to gain power), one of their best hidden secrets is the search and capture of Vagabonds. The Covenant knows that these strange amnesiacs come from places unknown, having previously wandered through Nibiru's darkest locales, and they invest a lot of effort in trying to unearth the memories that hold the key to such places.

Unfortunately for the Vagabonds themselves, their methods for the acquisition of said memories are vicious, often leaving the subject in a precarious mental state. The Covenant seeks to extract their remembrances by any means necessary, in order for them to gain information that would take an enormous investment in time and resources to explore. Why finance costly expeditions into the Darkness, betting on them returning alive, when you can easily dig into Vagabonds' minds for that same information?

The ever-looming presence of Enki's Covenant in Nibiru signifies a permanent threat to the players as they explore the station. They use a vast network of informants to track down and capture Vagabonds, their tendrils reaching even the most distant settlements of the Outer Reaches, and their objectives add an extra layer of paranoia and danger to the Vagabonds.


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