Nibiru Lore: AI

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial part in the setting of Nibiru. In many aspects of human life, robots take on the role of hard-laborers, caretakers, teachers and protectors. In the core sectors, they are one of the biggest drives of industry, and the first thing that comes to mind to the poor folks when they gather enough resources is to "buy a hard-working metal can".

With that said, AI also has its mysteries. All units have a limited lifespan, and when that cycle ends, they are (most of the times) dutifully reprocessed, lest they go rogue.

Rogue AIs are those AIs that have fallen prey of their code's own corruption. With time, the complex patterns of programming start to malfunction, as the AI begins to become self aware. The code tries to suppress this type of "decay into enlightenment", resulting in a machine that can neither function properly for itself nor for the task it was programmed to fulfill. Rogue AIs that are not reprocessed are very dangerous, showcasing erratic and inexplicable behavior.

In some parts of Nibiru where the facilities and tools needed for reprocessing AIs do not exist, owners of AIs that start seeing the first signs of decay usually take their robots far from their villages, where they are given the last order —for them never to return.

Who knows, then, what kind of mysteries hide in the darkness of Nibiru's farthest corners?


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