Mechanical Insights #3


As their journeys go on, Vagabonds learn (sooner or later) that there is something strange about them. It's not just their place of origin that separates them from the rest of the peoples of Nibiru. There is something else; a power deeply interred within their beings, waiting to be discovered. These powers are known as Revelations.

Revelations are unearthed every time you complete a page of your Journal; they are rewards for those that have remembered the most about their pasts. Revelations are usually deeply connected to the character's memories. Some are passive; for example, the Revelation of the Storyteller, which rewards you for telling uninterrupted stories across your many memories, or the Revelation of the Poet, that grants bonus points when you write memories in verse.

Other Revelations though are actual powers that surface into the world (such as the Revelation of the Mourner, that produces a poison powered by your bad memories), or expand the limits of your character's mind (like the Revelation of the Gatekeeper, which allows you to play through an actual scene of your past written in your journal).

Stay in tune for more Mechanical Insights on the coming weeks, as we continue to reveal the mechanics of Nibiru with each new iteration!


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