Mechanical Insights #2

Dice Rolls and the Memory Mechanic

Nibiru uses four-sided dice to determine the dramatic consequences of the characters actions. If a character is better at something than the average, she rolls more dice. If she is below the average, she rolls less dice.

But how does a character get more dice, and how do you progress mechanically in the game?

Vagabonds lack most of their memories; they usually don't know what they are and aren't capable of. But by recovering their memories, they can reconnect with their lost knowledge. For this, we use Memory Points.

Memory Points can be spent when you are rolling dice to do something. You spend them, and instead of rolling, you get an automatic success in your roll. Your character, effectively, experiences a flashback that pushes her to overcome the challenge.

Immediately, you get to write a memory in your Journal Sheet, describing the new memory, and you also get a permanent bonus to the action you have just executed. In this way, the narrative development of your character is tied directly with her mechanical development. Also, the more Memory Points you spend, the more significant the memory is (as well as the bonus dice!).

But it's not all happy memories that we recall. Players can also choose to get negative memories; testaments to our failures and shortcomings. They can then choose to fail a roll, write the memory of a sad, painful or tragic remembrance, and get a permanent penalty —but gaining Memory Points!

Stay tuned for the next "Mechanical Insights" for more information on the Nibiru system!



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