Mechanical Insights #1

Sneak peak of the MEMOS System

The MEMOS System is the backbone of Nibiru. It gives the players control over their characters by allowing them to determine not only their virtues and flaws,
but also their backstory, which unfolds as they start to regain the memories of their pasts.

As with most tabletop role playing games, Nibiru uses dice to determine the outcome of certain events.
Depending on the results of a dice roll, a character may success or fail at doing something.
However, the MEMOS System brings into the game what we call Memory Points, which represent the underlying remembrances of the players' characters, waiting to be unearthed.

But how does it work within the game?

"Marion's character is currently sneaking behind a member of the town's watch.
She needs to get through that rusty, old door, but realizes she'd need to disable the guardsman to go through it.
As she gets closer, she raises the metal pipe above her head, and delivers a blow. Now, normally, Marion would need to make a dice roll to see if she does knock down the guard.
Instead, she chooses to spend Memory Points to recover a Memory. She then writes the new Memory in the Journal, stating that she remembers how she used to go to the yearly town fair back in the day.
She recalls that time when she "hammered" the record score at the High Striker game, winning the ultimate prize!.
Marion's character automatically knocks out the guardsman, as the memories of her past flash before her eyes, and gains a permanent bonus to all related actions.
This, effectively, results in Marion's character progressing both in narrative and mechanically"

Stay tuned for more insight on the MEMOS System, and the mechanics of Nibiru, in the next iteration of Mechanical Insights!


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