Habitat Showcase: The Wild

In the darkest corners of Nibiru, there's a lost jewel of a place called the Wild. Within it's massive structure exists a world full of life; lush jungles, roaring falls and jagged peaks —all contained within the steel shell that keeps it intact.

From within this strange place come the Vagabonds of the Wild. These individuals have gone through one of the strangest metamorphoses; in their past, they inhabited the bodies of those life forms that prowled in the Wild. However, at the time of their descent into the darkness of the space station, they found themselves trapped in human bodies, now bestowed with the skills and knowledge that most of humanity shares.

These Vagabonds journey on through their newfound existence, constantly tormented by the vestiges of their primal origin. A creature of legend, known as the Leviathan, calls for them —an invitation into a far away place where the Vagabonds of the Wild will gather as one big herd.

It is thus in your hands, to embrace your new nature, or to revert to an old way of life. Only you can decide upon your fate. Only you can answer the call of the Wild.


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