Nov 25

Mechanical Insights #3


As their journeys go on, Vagabonds learn (sooner or later) that there is something strange about them. It's not just their place of origin that separates them from the rest of the peoples of Nibiru. There is something else; a power deeply interred within their beings,...

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Oct 3

Mechanical Insights #2

Dice Rolls and the Memory Mechanic

Nibiru uses four-sided dice to determine the dramatic consequences of the characters actions. If a character is better at something than the average, she rolls more dice. If she is below the average, she rolls less dice.

But how does a...

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Sep 19

Nibiru Lore: The Church of Rust

The Church of Rust has served as home to the Harbinger for many, many years.
This sleeping god of machines, which embodies many of the mysteries of Nibiru, is highly revered
by the Pilgrims that live in the church.

The Pilgrims hold a permanently stationed, hundred-man-strong force...

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Sep 12

Mechanical Insights #1

Sneak peak of the MEMOS System

The MEMOS System is the backbone of Nibiru. It gives the players control over their characters by allowing them to determine not only their virtues and flaws,
but also their backstory, which unfolds as they start to regain the memories of their...

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