Feb 10

Habitat Showcase: The Wild

In the darkest corners of Nibiru, there's a lost jewel of a place called the Wild. Within it's massive structure exists a world full of life; lush jungles, roaring falls and jagged peaks —all contained within the steel shell that keeps it intact.

From within this strange place come...

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Jan 27

Nibiru Lore: Enki's Covenant

Although most people regard the existence of Vagabonds as a myth, there is a group of individuals who not only knows about them but actively tries to find them. Enki's Covenant is an organisation that has thrived thanks to the exploration of Nibiru's farthest corners, and they...

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Dec 29

Nibiru Lores: Pilgrims of the Core

Nibiru Lore: Pilgrims of the Core

Consider life on earth; we are born amidst green pastures, beneath a blue sky, surrounded by life of all shapes and qualities.
Yet in Nibiru, humans are raised within the confines of a steel prison. Fields of rusty metal, oily swamps and the noise of...

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Dec 9

Nibiru Lore: Vaults

Almost all settlements throughout Nibiru are contained within a certain type of structure known as Vaults. Vaults are massive, usually sphere-shaped chambers, sometimes measuring several miles of radius, that have connections to the main power lines that run from the Core. The most...

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Nov 25

Nibiru Lore: AI

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial part in the setting of Nibiru. In many aspects of human life, robots take on the role of hard-laborers, caretakers, teachers and protectors. In the core sectors, they are one of the biggest drives of industry, and the first thing that comes to...

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