Welcome to Nibiru

Nibiru; a huge space station, home to millions, where stories of mystery, horror, drama and struggle are written on a daily basis. Players take on the role of Vagabonds; people that awake with no memories of their pasts. However, they will soon discover that their forgotten memories hold more significance than they could imagine, and that the key to their past lies in securing their future. 

Nibiru uses a novelty system that builds your character as you recover your lost memories. It is designed to put your story first, and to help you and your fellow players tell tales of self-discovery set in an unusual and wondrous sci-fi setting full of mysteries and opportunities for adventure.





The Nibiru RPG will utilize Kickstarter for its funding, giving you the chance to get directly involved in the project's conception. Join us, and help bring Nibiru to light.

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Quickstart Guide

The Nibiru Quickstart Guide will provide you with a small scenario to play through, enabling you to get a taste of the Nibiru experience!

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Follow us in our blog as we start to unveil the different facets of the world of Nibiru, as well as information on mechanics and general updates about the project. 

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